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The investment process is as follows

Business plan
Send us your detailed business plan. We will set up a meeting if our evaluation after the initial review is positive. Afterwards, we will decide on the next steps together. We will set these out in a schedule.

Due Diligence
In this step, we inspect your technology, market assessment and planning. We make use of external experts for this in some instances. Due diligence is intended to identify hidden risks that could threaten the success of a possible investment. If the due diligence process is successful, we will make a recommendation to our investment committees to invest in your company.

Contract negotiations
Negotiations on a contract commence after our investment committees have agreed to the equity capital investment. The contract will incorporate terms and conditions that are customary in the industry.
Conclusion of the investment
Once final agreements have been made, a notary certifies the contracts. Though the entire investment decision process will vary from case to case– the average time required is  expected to be 3 months.

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