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The VC Fonds Baden-Württemberg investment approach

Type of investment
VC Fonds Baden-Württemberg invests equity capital in the form of direct investments. It acquires ordinary and preferred shares in companies, and will only invest a minority shareholding.

Amount of investment
VC Fonds Baden-Württemberg and MBG Baden-Württemberg usually invest in a 4:1 ratio. Between EUR 300,000 and 500,000 are invested in the first financing stage.  In later financing stages, the commitment can be increased to approx. EUR 1.25 million per portfolio company. 

Criteria for investment
Investments are based on usual market evaluation of the company and customary conditions in the industry for venture capital. Both lead and co-investments are possible.

Purpose of the investment
The capital provided by VC Fonds Baden-Württemberg and MBG Baden-Württemberg is intended to finance the development and marketing of innovative ideas, processes or services. The goal of investors is to sell the equity investment in the medium-term. 

Important for companies and co-investors
The financing does not comprise state aid pursuant to Art. 107 (1) of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union, and complies with the market economy investor principle pursuant to the Guidelines on risk finance aid (OJ C19, 22.01.2014)".

Example of financing: The Fund invests in a 4:1 ratio – EUR 400,000 by the fund and EUR 100,000 by MBG Baden-Württemberg. The financing institutions receive shares in the company for their investments.
VC Fonds Baden-Württemberg

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