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VC Fonds Baden-Württemberg invests based on the following criteria

When making the initial investment, your company should have
  • a maximum of 50 employees as well as annual turnover, or total assets less than EUR 10 million*.
  • The company's registered office, and at least one place of business, should be located in Baden-Württemberg.
Business entity name
Your company should be a corporation subject to German law, that is, a private or a public limited company (GmbH or AG).
Your innovation should be practically oriented; there should be a prototype or a proof of concept. Technological know-how should be an integral part of your company. Your innovation should be protected by patent law or copyright law where possible; there should be market entry barriers for potential competitors. The product, process or service should offer high customer value, a significant, unique feature and strategic advantages in competition.
You should be supplying a market with high potential for growth and attractive volumes. Your marketability should have been demonstrated through initial sales or pilot customers.  

Your company should be characterised by a qualified management team with complementary skills and a strong determination to succeed. You should know your strengths and weaknesses; you should be cooperative and open to support and change. Mid-term exit orientation on the part of your investors should suit your personal goals.

Financing targets
The financing should allow you to achieve break-even or major milestones, liquidity coverage should be sufficient for about 18 to 24 months.

Major investment criteria are the economic potential, the innovative technological quality of the product, the process or the service as well as the qualifications of management.

* EU criteria for small-sized enterprises



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